Peter Oechsle

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Peter Oechsle
Dipl. Psychologe
Heilpraktiker für
Alpenblick 1579837 Ibach

Initiation and Individuation
A Path to your own Live

Each person has his own inner wisdom, his own inner plan.
It is our destiny to fulfill that plan.

When we reach to combine our deeper essence and all what we learned from the way of our life we will be satisfied in a special way. We will be productive and ceative and most of he things in everyday life will succeed. We feel our own identity and will be abel to follow our inner plan and voice.


Peter Oechsle, Diplom-Psychologe, born 1943 in south-west Germany

1967 – 75 study of psychology in Frankfurt (Main), short academic carreer, than counceling and diagnosis in business psychology und teaching in psychology of communication. From 1983 studiing and finally working with the Initiatic Therapy at the Duerckheim-Center, Todtmoos-Rütte, founded by
Dr. Maria Hippius and Professor Graf Dürckheim.

Beginning in 1988 studiing Zen-Buddhism with Richard Baker-roshi and many stages in his monastery in USA, and finally some visits in Japan.

Nowadays my main working-place is the Dürckheim-Center in the south-west of Germany where I work with the clay-box, the guided drawing, collage, with myth and fary tails, personal bodywork and initiatic councelling individually but also in groups and seminars. And I am responsible for the meditation in the stile of za-zen and the zendo, the meditation-hall, in the center.

Beside that I am busy at other places in Germany and Europe as Munich, Würzburg and Berlin.

My theoretical background is the Initiatic Therapy founded by Graf Dürckheim and Maria Hippius, a psychology which brings deep psychology according to C.G.Jung and christian and buddhistic mystic together. Beside that I refer to the deep psychology according to S. Freud. I am also educated and experienced in family constellation.